“At the center of your being

you have the answer;

you know who you are and

you know what you want.”


Lao Tzu



One to One Zen Coaching

Zen Coaching is based on the teachings of different masters e.g. Thich Nhat Hanh, Marshall B Rosenberg, A.H. Almaas to name a few. A combination of openness and presence, based on a space of awareness in order to achive deep listening.


“We don´t need to work hard to change or fix anything. Being open to experience everything offered in this moment is all it takes to discover the peace, presence and wisdom we already are.”


Kåre Landfald  creator of Zen Coaching


The home of Zen Coaching


Relaxing into what is...




I offer coaching in Swedish, English or Spanish.

Live and/or web/phone based.


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"Having Sergio as a coach was a very warm and rich experience. He supported me in a very safe space in which I could explore myself. He has a very humble and strong presence in which I felt extremely safe to open up and share my deepest fears and experiences. He held this space for me to be vulnerable, without trying to lead me anywhere. Instead, he acknowledged every state I was in and very subtle guided me to ask the right questions to myself and develop compassion towards myself. After I came out of the first session with him, I felt a strong and especially loving connection to myself- that which I have been longing for. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to open up towards Sergio and being guided in such a gentle, powerful, and humble way. I strongly recommend Sergio as a coach if you are longing for the same."

Nora Mo, Germany

"Patient, calm, intuitive and an extraordinary listener all described Sergio’s presence during a Zen coaching session. Sergio has been my primary coach more than a year now and I have benefited enormously. He has a natural and easy approach that for me, has been very effective."

Chip Fay, USA

”Innan min session med Sergio hade mitt hjärta just öppnats för en underliggande sorg om att jag var övertygad om min egen värdelöshet i att jag inte tycktes räcka till för både mig själv och andra. Sergio var mycket respektfull och intuitiv och tog mig på en resa utan att jag visste det och det mötet var ett viktigt steg i min process för att bli lycklig i min egen kropp och själ igen. Jag har aldrig ångrat vårt möte."

Elin Wiberg Wennerberg, Sweden



Inspirational or goal-oriented workshops

Do you need inspiration?, do you need to improve your teams communication skills or just to arrive at a result e.g.  a plan, a solution, a goal or a new idea?


Based on the principles of Zen Coaching I can design workshops that are customized for your especial needs





I offer workshops in Swedish, English or Spanish.


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Hatha yoga classic & meditation

Yoga & Meditation

  • Google is doing it
  • Amazon is doing it
  • Spotify is doing it
  • Navy seals are doing it

          and some of the world best atletes are doing it.


More and more organizations are discovering the power of Yoga and meditation in order to improve their results and performance.











I offer Yoga and meditation workshops in Swedish, English or Spanish.


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Other services



Interim management

Project management

Project reviews

Steering group support

Project manager coach

Need a manager but can’t afford to make the wrong choice?, need time to evaluate candidates?. contact me.

Project management is the most establish service today.

Reviews can be

difficult and you may need an objective view

With several years of experience dealing with and participating in project steering groups I can offer an independent view of the work in progress.

Even the most experienced PM may sometimes need a second opinion...


“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”

Lao Tzu